Weeks ago, we were FINALLY experience a slight break regarding prices at the pump as we saw gas prices sliding toward a downward trend. The announcement that OPEC plans to cut production caused an increase as we saw the cost elevate between 10 and 20 cents a gallon in the beautiful Berkshires. I was enjoying the $3.39 price which now went up locally to $3.59. Overall, gas prices in the Bay State are up close to a nickel from last week, but we are about 28 cents below the national average (if you want to call that good news, it's your call).

Gas prices at the pump

We have seen a 57 cent jump since last year, but the all-important question is: When will we finally see a downward trend in filling up as the national average is hovering toward the $4 mark ($3.88 to be exact). Triple A spokesperson Mary McGuire sums things up in a nutshell:

"Despite concerns about the economy and declining demand for gasoline, gas prices increased again due to the possible production cuts from OPEC and a predicted colder than normal winter in the northeast, supplies are still below seasonal averages and refiners have sparse capacities to increase production".

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Recently, Massachusetts went over the $5 thresh hold as the price in the western part of the state jumped up to $5.04. This is insane, if you ask me. I am very stingy when it comes to keeping my tank full. I cringe every time a bar disappears from the dashboard from my car, knowing it won't be long before repeating the task at hand. These increases are taking away much needed money that is budgeted for other expenses and I'm sure you are on the same page with me on this subject at hand.


BOTTOM LINE: One word to these greedy oil companies who are profiting from our pockets: STOP!!!

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