iBerkshires.com  reports that Lynda Meyer had to make a sudden move this year — shifting her antique clothing store up one level and drastically and significantly cutting back her merchandise.
It seemed a little daunting but Meyer was pleased at the outcome on Saturday as she celebrated her grand reopening at 41 Park St.
The bulk of Meyer's collection, however, still swings a bit more vintage, with beaded clothing, mid-century pillbox hats, silk embroidered jackets, and antique gowns and underthings circa the last turn of the century.
Lynda's Antique Clothing Loft is now at the top of a broad staircase in a sunny room at the back of the Daniels Block.
Meyer frequently lectures on vintage clothing and fashion history. She's also become a resource for costume designers for plays here in the Berkshire and in New York.
"I've been doing this for a very long time. Since the 1980s," she said. "And so people know that I am the go-to person for clothing and textiles. ... there are people who live in the same house for five generations. So when the termination of an estate happens, I'm usually called, I don't have to go to auctions, we don't have to go through estate sales, they call me."

Everything in the store is restored and handwashed. Vintage clothing has a bad reputation for care but Meyer says that's because people don't know how to handle them properly. Older clothing is often much better made than new items, she said.

She also invites people to bring vintage clothing to her lectures to learn more about them and get a free appraisal. She jokes that her business is "like archaeology, you know, for underthings."
Lynda's Antique Clothing Loft is located at 41 Park St. Hours are 11:30 to 5, Wednesday through Saturday, or by appointment. Contact 413-884-2064 or LyndaLoft@hotmail.comOnlines sales available on Etsy here. 

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