Luke Bryan isn't afraid to pull a prank or two, and for his latest stunt, he brought fellow artist Kane Brown into the fray.

In a video shared by Bryan on social media this week, he and Brown are at Jason Aldean's Kitchen + Rooftop Bar in downtown Nashville, and they decide to unleash a little bit of chaos on the place. In the clip, Bryan stands with his hand on the fire alarm and says, "Kane and I are at Aldean's bar. We're gonna shut the bar down, cost him a little bit of money."

Bryan then pulls the fire alarm as Brown looks on. The "Country On" singer runs to the stairwell to hide with a mischievous laugh. Brown follows along and reassures a bystander, possibly an employee, that he "won't be fired."

The prank didn't shut the bar down, as the alarm only rang out for a few seconds, but it got a laugh out of Bryan and Brown and some of the other people nearby.

Bryan is known for his prank wars usually against his wife Caroline or involving his mom, LeClaire. In fact, the two engage in a yearly prank war during the holiday season that they dub "Pranksmas."

They haven't shared any Pranksmas videos yet this year, but Caroline did tease one of the pranks in a recent video. In the clip, comedian Danae Hays talks to someone on the phone in an aggressive tone while Bryan and Caroline laugh in the background.

"It’s almost that time again…!,"  Caroline wrote alongside the teaser.

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