In a previous article, we talked about the Oldest Road in America that's here in Massachusetts. If you haven't read it yet, you can go back by clicking here. If you're a big traveler like I am, you know that there is plenty of historic roads to choose from throughout the region. Many times, when people think of the word "travel" they automatically assume interstates. While interstates can get you to a destination way faster, nothing beats a lot of sightseeing travelling on a regular U.S. Route.

So, what is the longest stretch of road here in the Baystate?

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What you're looking at is a rather historic highway that runs through the Berkshires and into downtown Pittsfield. U.S. Route 20 starts in Boston and runs 3,365 miles West and ends in Newport, Oregon. In Massachusetts, it runs parallel to the MassPike while I-90 itself runs from Boston to Seattle, Washington with a total of 3,100 miles.

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Google Maps

Route 20 was officially named a U.S. highway in 1926. At the time it ended in Yellowstone National State Park where it wasn't extended until 1940 and finally reaching its current length in 1960. While Route 20 doesn't run through Yellowstone, it pauses at the eastern entrance and then restarts back up on the west entrance.

This obstacle in the road (no pun intended) has led to believe by many that Route 6 is the longest highway in America which only has a length of 3,205 miles. The U.S. Department of Transportation has confirmed that Route 20 is indeed the longest route in the country. If you'd like more information on U.S. Route 20 and what sites you'll see if you decide to travel this road, you can checkout the details here off of


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