We have been sharing an abundance of wildlife videos lately especially bear activity in Berkshire County. Many residents are capturing these furry friends on their phones and have been sharing them on Facebook. In addition, the tick activity in the Berkshires has been on an upswing and we have seen some videos and photos of some highly populated areas in our county.

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One animal species we haven't spent too much time on are raccoons. We haven't come across many photos or videos but they are out there just like the bears, tricks, skunks etc. As a matter of fact, a member of the New Marlborough Photo Page Facebook group shared a photo and a video of two baby raccoons that appear to have ended up on her property.

The Facebook member who shared the video post the following comment in the group:

New Marlborough babies. Had to go to WL Rehab. Mama Didn’t come back.

Here's the video.

So, what do I do if I encounter a raccoon?

Even though the video features baby racoons and they come across as adorable, you still want to be on high alert if you come face to face with a raccoon. According to Animal Capture Wildlife Control this is what you should do if you encounter a raccoon.

Back away from the animal in a calm and decisive manner. If the animal is not hurt or afraid, it will not attack you. However, it can be difficult to tell if a raccoon is rabid — and rabid raccoons can be extremely aggressive.

If you meet a raccoon that appears aggressive, back away from the animal quickly. Do everything you can to get away from the animal and avoid contact. If the raccoon pursues you, use any outer clothing you may have like a jacket or backpack to cover your arms, neck, face, and head. These kinds of encounters are rare, but you should be prepared if you believe you may meet a raccoon. Having a sturdy jacket and pepper spray is probably the best way to fend off an attack from a rabid raccoon.

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