Just last week we were talking about how bad the tick population is getting here in the Berkshires. Many ticks are so brave that they are marching right up to people as mentioned in our article regarding the mighty tick population at Thomas and Palmer Brook in Great Barrington. You can read more about that incident by going here.

Another tick incident was shared with members of the Great Barrington Community Board Facebook group. One of the members shared photos with the group. In addition, she posted this comment about her visit with her two dogs at the new river path behind the Great Barrington Skate Park.

Just in case anyone is not aware the ticks are really bad this year!!!! I took my dogs on a nice little walk on the new river walk path behind the GB skate park yesterday. When returning home I spent two hours and pulled 71 ticks off my babies!!!!  Then this morning found another giving a total of 72 ticks!!! When taking your kids or pets out to enjoy the beautiful weather please make sure you check them thoroughly!!!
We have included the photos below that the owner of the dogs shared with the group's members:

Below are some reaction comments from members of the Facebook group.

-I think we need to flood the county with guinea hens

-This is ridiculous.

-My dog took the same walk. I guess we were lucky with only 20+ ticks!

-Carry a sticky lint roller in your car, and use on your dogs before getting in.

-Oh I did it only pulled off 11

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-Flea and tick meds do not repel, the tick must bite to be killed. K9 Advantix is the only one that claims it also repels, but even with that I have found several ticks on my dogs. I use VetriScience repel on both my dogs and myself, and it seems to help. I live in a very heavily tick infested area and haven't gotten one.(yet)

-They are on simple guard but it’s coming up on the last bit of the 30 days

-We find about 20 a day. Its rediculous. We dont even have pets. Weve found them on us, crawling on our porch, and in our house. I have to do tick checks at least once a day on all of my household.


What are your thoughts? Do you think this is the worst year in a while, locally, regarding an overabundant tick population?

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