We've hit that time of year. We see more hand sanitizer bottles on people's desks and trash cans are full of tissues, one thing that's always eluded us- the common cold. A local doctor thinks he has what you need to prevent it.

As I sit here with my hot tea and a tissue in hand, I would've loved to have known about this about a week ago. If you're afraid of getting sick this winter, you may need to stock your shelves with Dr. Schnuffies. (Note: I've never tried this, I've only heard about it from News10 ABC and what it says on their website)

Dr. Alan Inglis, a doctor from Great Barrington, MA, paired up with Andrew Blechman, also of Great Barrington, to create Dr. Schnuffies. Blechman needed to be in the best of health when visiting his daughter in Germany so he reached out to his internist Dr. Inglis to develop a special formula. Blechman would try over 20 different products and nothing worked until this.

The two of them got together and decided to put the formula in one pill and they named it after the nickname Blechman has for his daughter. There are two products to choose from: one you take when you start feeling cold symptoms and the other is a daily vitamin.


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