After a busy season with parking challenges, the Mount Greylock Advisory Council will explore alternative ways to get people to the summit.

Becky Barnes of the state Department of Conservation and Recreation told the council Thursday that this summer and fall were busy on the summit of Mount Greylock and they often had to close the road once the parking lot was at capacity.

Barnes said specifically on Columbus Day weekend the summit was so busy that staff could only let a car in once one left. She said cars were parking improperly and creating safety concerns.
Expanding the parking lot is not an option because there are so many endangered species on the summit.
Barnes added that there would still be issues to work out, and people would still have to park at the base of the mountain where there also is limited parking. Also, she said it is hard to drive larger vehicles up the summit road.
There is no funding for this, and it was unlikely that the state would fund a shuttle service.
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