If you're still a part of the workforce then here's a question, Berkshire County friends and neighbors: Do you get along with all of your coworkers? Or at least, most of them? If I had to guess I'd say that you probably have at least two or three coworkers that deserve a good beatdown, right?

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Well, here's something you may not be aware of but nevertheless should come as no surprise to many of you. Recently, the Commonwealth ranked very high in a study centered around crankiness in the workplace.

Yeah, it turns out that Massachusetts has some of the crankiest coworkers in the country. At least, according to a study conducted by Gambling.com. I don't know about you but I'm certainly not surprised by this!

To come up with their findings, Gambling.com looked at and analyzed online search term data related to folks being unhappy with their job (such as "quiet quitting", "resignation letter", "excuses to get out of work", etc.).

Do you care to hazard a guess as to which state has the Crankiest Coworkers in America? If you guessed Massachusetts, you'd be incorrect but you'd be close! Colorado is the state with the most fed-up employees!

New Jersey comes in ranked at #2 with the most pissed-off coworkers and finally at #3, the Bay State makes its appearance. According to Gambling.com's study, Bay Staters are the 3rd Crankiest Coworkers in America!

Just in case you were curious about which state had the least amount of cranky coworkers, I've got the answer for you. It appears that South Dakota has the highest amount of happy employees. Maybe "happy" is not the right word. Let's say "content". That's better.

For more, check out Gambling.com's website by clicking here.

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