On this video, you'll hear from Ernie, a Berkshire County homeowner who trusted Klaus Roofing Systems by J. Smegal Contracting to replace his leaking 37-year-old roof:

He appreciated the detailed estimate and explanation of the services, the crew showing up on time and working efficiently, and the meticulous clean-up afterward. Of course, he couldn't be happier with his new roof, and he recommends J. Smegal Contracting to friends and family.

If you are considering replacing your roof, here are a few other reasons to trust Klaus Roofing Systems by J. Smegal Contracting:

1) They use better materials than most competitors: shingles that are 30-40 pounds heavier than most others' for better durability, synthetic underlayments that don't tear and provide a fully adhered barrier, and ring shank nails, which is a nail-screw combo that doesn't work its way out over time.

2) Their standard design elements help protect from water damage and rot. Their drip and rake edge is 50 percent wider than most others' to protect the roof and fascia by more efficiently directing the water into the gutters. Similarly, their layered system is designed to protect roofs from wind-driven rain.

3) They have incredible attention to detail. They inspect the roof decking and never shingle over rotted decking or additional layers.

4) They offer affordable financing and transparent warranties.

5) They value employee training. In fact, they host weekly training to ensure the whole crew is up to speed on the latest products and procedures.

It's easy to see why they were voted Best of the Berkshires three times! To schedule a free estimate or learn more, visit jsmegalroofing.com or call 413-655-ROOF.

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