"The White Lotus" on HBO Max had me at hello. This is truly a great series. The Australian actor Murray Bartlett stars as "Armond", the resort's fastidious manager who falls off the wagon with drug and alcohol abuse in Season 1.

Bartlett stars in two hits series on MAX, "The White Lotus" and "The Last of Us".

Murray Bartlett and his partner live in Provincetown, MA. 

Bartlett moved to Provincetown three years ago. The town is known as an LGBTQ+ haven, and Bartlett, who identifies as gay, has spoken about the acceptance he has felt from the town.-boston.com

Provincetown is home to many LGBTQ people and attract big numbers of tourists for a variety of reasons. Beaches, shopping, hotels, tours, and outdoor activities are a number of excuses to escape to Massachusetts' Provincetown.

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