I will admit that I'm way too cavalier when it comes to leaving my keys in the car. I sometimes do it by accident, but mostly I guess I just prefer to get in the car and go. I certainly don't leave them in the car all of time, but you get the idea.

In the ignition is what I'm talking about as well, not just in the glove compartment or whatever. My father had these habits when I was growing up, so I can only assume that is where I got this irresponsible habit.

Businessman giving a car key. Getting new car.
Nopphon Pattanasri

I have had my car broken into twice in my life. The first time, they stole my radio and CD player; the second, my vehicle was just rummaged through (I assume they were looking for cash).

There is nothing more violating then having personal property stolen, or breached in general.

Now, in Massachusetts, car insurance is mandatory, but certain coverage is optional. Insurance coverage can also depend on whether you purchase, lease, or buy cash. With all of that said, let's get back to the point of this post.

Does Insurance Cover Theft If You Leave Keys Inside The Car In Massachusetts?

If you have comprehensive coverage on the vehicle, then you're generally covered if it's stolen — even if you left the keys in the car. If you're a victim of auto theft, contact your local police station to file a report, then get in touch with your insurance company. -progressive.com

Even if you're covered, wouldn't you rather just not leave your keys in the car? I can understand if it's an accident, but if it's just a bad habit, break it.

I hope you found this post informational.

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