On Sept. 9, an incident involving Phillip Henault, 64, of 145 Richmond Road, Hancock, MA and a Massachusetts State Police officer resulted in the officer discharging their weapon.

The preliminary investigation involving crime scene analysis, civilian interviews, body and dash camera footage and 911 recordings corroborate that the Massachusetts State Police officer retreated a significant distance from Mr. Henault.

The preliminary investigation shows Mr. Henault had multiple knives with him at the time of the incident. Upon retreat the officer identified themself as a police officer and told Mr. Henault to stop.

Mr. Henault failed to stop and threatened to kill the officer. Mr. Henault continued to approach and after the officer retreated a lengthy distance, the officer discharged their weapon.

The investigation is ongoing. District Attorney Shugrue will issue a final report when it is completed.

Information courtesy of Julia Sabourin, Director of Communications for Berkshire DA's office.

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