Sonic was supposed to have a much bigger presence in Massachusetts. What happened?

A friend of mine who lives in a suburb of Houston frequents Sonic. The state of Texas is home to a whopping 943 locations of Sonic Drive In.

We all know of the fast food drive in chain here in Massachusetts. We all have seen the commercials. We all know about the drinks. We all know about the carhops. Yet, Massachusetts only has 4 locations.

Sonic Drive In has just 4 lonely Massachusetts locations

Sonic falls into the category of fast food chains we need more of here in the bay state. I can see why Arby's (Massachusetts only has two locations) may not be a be a big hit here due to the popularity of the "Boston Style" roast beef sandwich shop saturation.

Locations of Sonic in Massachusetts

  • Peabody, MA
  • Stoughton, MA
  • Somerset, MA
  • Springfield, MA
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The first think I think of when I here Sonic is the 1950's style like roller skate style carhops. They still have that at some locations, you certainly won't find them at all restaurants. There is a drive through option or a drive in option and speed is always a priority at the Sonic locations.


There are apparently like thousands and thousands of drink combinations at the popular chain. Employees are credited for a lot of the concoctions. Sonic is best know for there drinks, burgers, fries and onion rings.

Why does Sonic have only 4 locations in Massachusetts?

Sonic has been seen in New England since about 2006 and had planned on constructing a ton more. The plan, according to an article released in 2015, was to have a total of 40 Sonics in Massachusetts by the year 2020. That never came into fruition.

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