This is not what you should do for sure! A woman in Hadley is facing numerous charges after she got way too creative and allegedly unleashed a hive full of bees on sheriff's deputies, some of them allergic to bee stings, as they tried to serve an eviction notice last week.

I know that in a situation like that tempers and hysteria can get the best of some people when you are being evicted but this is the most creative I have ever heard of.

The Hampden County Sheriff's Office said they were dealing with eviction in Longmeadow on Oct. 12 when Rorie Susan Woods, 55, of Hadley, arrived towing a flatbed with multiple manufactured bee hives, when seeing the police were there she tried to open the lids on the bee hives to unleash them.

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She was not the only one there there were several other protesters who met the deputies when they arrived at the property.

She was told that several officers were allergic to bees, and she said “Oh, you’re allergic? Good,” according to the official department report.

With that said, Woods started smashing and flipping the hives off the truck.

Anyone who knows about bees will tell you to not shake or bang on the hives it irritates the bees and they will become aggressive. aggressive.

Some bystanders and several officers were stung by the bees.

The person, woods who was being evicted put on a beekeeper's suit to protect herself as she carried a tower of bees near the front door of the home in an effort to try to stop the eviction, the other part of this is that it was not the first go-round for woods with being evicted, one of the sheriff's office said they had been trying to evict her for almost two years.

After she carried a bee hive close to the front door of the home, Woods tried to agitate the bees further and was arrested by sheriff’s deputies and taken to the Western Massachusetts Regional Women’s Correctional Facility.

She is now facing four counts of assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon, yes bees can be a dangerous weapon when you have people that are allergic you intentionally let out the bees, and three counts of assault by means of a dangerous weapon, and one count of disorderly conduct.

She was arraigned last week and released without bail.

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