It's that time of year again, and we have the finalists that may be going into The National Toy Hall Of Fame!

The finalists this year are:

Bingo, American bingo is descended from a lottery game first played in Italy around 1530.

Breyer Horses, I loved these as a kid! What little girl didn't? In 1951, The Breyer Molding Company introduced Breyer Horses.

Breyer horse network/Youtube

Lite-Brite, You were the bomb if you had one of these.

TTPM Toy Reviews/youtube

Catan, or, The Settlers of Catan, I don't know a whole lot about this one but, it was first published by Kosmos in Germany in 1995. It’s one of the first German-style board games to find widespread popularity outside, of Europe.

Gather together games/ Youtube

Masters of the Universe, He-man, and She-Ra, trace its popularity to maker Mattel’s use of comic books, television, and the big screen. And it also had a cartoon.


Nerf toys, Introduced in the 1960s as foam balls harmless enough to throw indoors, Nerf toys have evolved into a line of blasters that shoot harmless foam darts. New items are still released to this day.


The piñata, Both kids and adults love a good pinata! it was your centerpiece of a party game, a piñata is a paper mâché object filled with small toys, confetti, fruits, candies, or coins.

Phase 10, In 1982, Black game inventor and entrepreneur Ken Johnson introduced The rummy-style card game that challenged players to collect various groups of cards to complete 10 phases.


Pound Puppies, The Puppies hit the marketplace in 1984. Parents were thrilled to make their kids happy their kids need to nurture a puppy and, saved homes from getting a real dog.

TTPM Toy Reviews/Youtube

Rack-O, The Milton Bradley Company introduced the card game Rack-O in 1956.

Triple S Games/youtube

The Spirograph, Love, love, love this! For more than 50 years, they combined play, art, math, and education to create unique patterns and drawings. Spirograph was first conceived as a plaything where “gears” helped guide colorful pens.

Wayne Schmidt/Youtube

Last but not least is the Top, Since ancient times, the spinning top has been a childhood staple of cultures in Asia, Europe, the Americas, and Australia.


The winners will be voted on by toy industry experts, but you can also vote too. Just go to public voting at throughout the next week.

Only three of the 12 toys will wind up getting inducted. They'll be announced on November 10th.

Do you recognize all these? How many did play with?

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