If you could have a food truck would it be sweet, savory, or ethnic, the sky is the limit on what you could prepare and cook on your very own food truck. Here are what some other folks have done with their trucks, what would you make?

 Nosh Food Truck and Catering Company

The food truck does a great menu from pulled pork to burgers, tacos, and more. Their motto is "fine food fast".

Nosh Food Truck & Catering/Facebook
Nosh Food Truck & Catering/Facebook

Wheelhouse Amherst Ma

They are a farm-to-table caterer and food truck offering casual, custom, seasonal menus for all types of events: weddings, birthdays, graduations, festivals, farmers markets, fundraisers, and more.



 La Chalupa Y La Enchilada Pittsfield Ma

La Chalupa Y La Enchilada/Facebook
La Chalupa Y La Enchilada/Facebook

Smokey Sweet BBQ Canaan NY

They have it going on with BBQ, sandwiches, burgers, and sauces.

Smokey Sweet BBQ/Facebook
Smokey Sweet BBQ/Facebook

 Moon Dogs Out of Ghent NY

Look at this ooey-gooey Fresh made lasagna!


Moon Dogs Food Truck-Facebook


Brewberry out of Lee, Ma

That one is called everything but the kitchen sink, want to check them out.

Moon Dogs Food Truck-Facebook


Cocina Lupita driving out of Greenfield Ma

Serving El Salvadoran cuisine 7 days a week right behind Wilson's Department Store. You never know when you might get a Salvadorian dance lesson!

Cocina Lupita- Facebook

Chillin Grillin Cheez, from right over the border in Lebanon, NY

These guys make the Phrase"everything is better with cheese" TRUE.

Chillin Grillin Cheez Food Truck- Facebook

Crave Food Truck coming out of Holyoke MA

A super crew serving you everything you crave.

Crave Food truck-Facebook

M&J's Taste Of Home stepping out of our backyard in North Adams MA

Everything they make is fresh and from scratch, delish-looking caramel pecan sticky buns!

M&J Taste of home food truck-Facebook

Buns On Wheels out of Easthampton MA

They do all kinds of tasty burgers and so much more.

Buns On Wheels-Facebook


The Food Truck & The Nutmeg road trip to see them in VT

They have it going on, This food truck has its own rotisserie!

The Food Truck& The Nutmeg-Facebook

Ozzies Food Truck our neighbor in Hinsdale MA

Get ready to try something new every time you see the Ozzies truck, it's always delicious.

Ozzies Food Truck-Facebook

If you know of a local food truck you want to tell us about just email me at cheryl@wupe.com

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