As we get closer to the holidays one thing that can rear its ugly head is domestic violence.  And unfortunately, Massachusetts is one of the states where it occurs.

People stress out more during the holidays, and that added stress when the holidays start creeping up on us can lead to an increase in domestic violence perpetrated by abusers who turn their stress into anger, and often they take it out on their families.

Stress from holiday shopping, finances, and planning can aggravate volatile personalities. Abusers are more likely to partake in alcohol or drugs when they don't have to work.

The one day during the year when domestic violence occurs is Super Bowl Sunday, The holiday that has the most call-ins for Domestic Violence is New Year's Eve.

First, what is considered domestic violence?

Domestic violence also called, partner abuse, is a pattern of abusive behavior one person uses in a relationship to control, humiliate, and hurt another person.  It can be emotional, sexual, financial, physical, or about your identity.

There are some red flags to look for, Isolation tops the list, a partner may not allow someone to see family and friends.

They’re controlling. They try to withhold money or have control of all the funds.

They take part in humiliating behavior in front of family and friends. Another big one is criticizing and blaming.

When a loved one is being abused, often a person wants to jump right in and solve the problem. That can often lead to more violence against the victim or even the victim feeling attacked by the person trying to help them.


Domestic violence needs to be treated like the serious public health epidemic that it is.

If you or someone you know needs help or to talk, call the Elizabeth Freeman Center's 24/7 hotline at 1-866-401-2425.

Click here to get more information or help. 

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