Most of us have our routines of going to work, and making the best of it. But what happens at your job after you die?

An Australian influencer did a pretty good job breaking down what would happen at your job if you died.

The influencer breaks down the stages of what would theoretically happen at your job after you're gone.

First, your job will be informed in some way.

"Oh my God, they died? That's so sad. Thank you so much for letting me know." (Hangs up phone). "Team meeting."

Second, everyone into the conference room for the team meeting to inform the others.

"Unfortunately, (your name) has passed away. I know, it's very sad time, their funeral is on Wednesday."

Third, your job will give your work to someone else.

"We need to make a plan of action. Who's going to cover your work? Obviously we will look for a new hire."

The influencer then takes us to two weeks later.

"Hey everyone, this is the new hire, she is going to be taking over (your name)'s work. Please refer to her, she's going to be doing all the same jobs."

We then fast forward to six months after you have theoretically died, from the point of view of the new hire who replaced you.

"Oh, hey everyone, sorry to interrupt. I have something here addressed to a (your name), I'm not sure who this person is."

Your co-workers will all scratch their heads, saying your name sounds familiar, but they aren't sure. Then someone will say, "Oh, that's the person that was here before you, I'll take that and get it done for you, no worries."

Basically, you'd be replaced, and then everyone would forget about your existence within six months.

The influencer's moral of the story is simple: "If you're an employee, you're replaceable. Do not spend your life at a job you hate for the sake of pleasing other people, because you will live one of the saddest lives for literally no reason."

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