A cute video of an 8-year-old tractor lover named Jackson is making the rounds, mostly because it's so unusual to see a kid this knowledgable about farm equipment.

Jackson is a farming enthusiast who, at a recent farm show, took a liking to some of the new 2024 John Deere equipment being shown on the floor.

A clip posted to TikTok starts with Jackson being shown a tractor by a John Deere employee named Walter. Walter is playing along, but quickly finds out that the young man is highly educated on farming and farm equipment.

"What's the width on this mower deck?" Jackson asks Walter.

Walter responds, "I believe this one's 72 inches."

Jackson, even at only 8, spews out a totally grandpa response, stutter and all, "72, that's, that's, that's nice."

Having doubts that he's only 8? He is quickly humbled by his mother having to relay to him that 72 inches is 6 feet.

Jackson turns his attention to a large John Deere watering mechanism that he sees. He seems to ask Walter how much it costs, to which Walter replies, "around 750 thousand dollars."

Walter then points out how the machine has cameras all over it and it can see a certain type of weed and automatically spray weed killer on your land just where it sees that one weed.

To which Jackson replies, "Wow, that's really pacific."

Jackson's mom, who is filming, chuckles and corrects him, saying, "You mean specific."

Jackson wraps the video by telling Walter, "I like all the stuff you got here. John Deere is a nice company, they been in business since 1837, they're a nice company."

One look at Jackson's TikTok page shows you just how dedicated to the farming craft he really is.


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