Sometimes it takes the worst day to create the best songs. That was true on the day that country music singer-songwriter Kinsey Rose sat down to write her new single “Speed of a Broken Heart."

“I felt like there was just a storm happening in my heart that day,” the Kentucky native tells Taste of Country in an interview about the sassy song, which she co-wrote with Chris Roberts and Grammy-winning Marcus Hummon. “It was one of those days where I just had all of the emotions, from mad, to sad, to angry.”

This thunderstorm of emotions was a result of a breakup that left Rose with a craving to write an "angry, moving on, over you type of song."

“There's still so many songs to write about this breakup,” hints the singer, who has opened for Craig Morgan, Colt Ford and Mark Chesnutt, and who will be setting abroad again for shows this summer as part of the Nashville Nights Tour. “But I feel like this is a great way to express my emotions for right now.”

And while Rose would rather not get into the specifics of this particular breakup that inspired the new single, the songstress says she pretty much lays it all down on the table in the song’s riveting chorus.

“It says it in the chorus,” Rose explains. “It's seven years gone that I ain't getting back."

She pauses. "It was a long relationship and I ended up getting hurt, so yeah, it was very painful.”

Coincidentally, this was going on just as Rose found herself basking in the success she was experiencing as a standout on Season 21 of NBC’s The Voice. “It was all happening around the same time,” she notes. “We all go through all sorts of stuff at the top parts of our lives. There's always something.”

It's this piece of human nature that connects us all, and for Rose, connects her with her growing legion of fans, who too have experienced their share of broken hearts.

“I feel like if you haven't had a broken heart, you haven't quite lived,” says the singer, who confirms that she has since "found love again."

"I love writing the truth because I know so many people … if they're not going through it at the time, they've been there. I love to be able to connect with my fans and be as honest as I can and let them know that they're not alone. And it helps me know that I'm also not alone.”

She’s also not alone in the fact that she is going to miss Blake Shelton on The Voice. This season, Season 23, is his last.

"I think Blake was a wonderful coach,” remarks the newcomer. Rose made history as the only contestant to have all four coaches want to keep her, though she ended up with Kelly Clarkson as her coach. “He turned for me twice on the show, and it would've been neat to get to work with him a little bit more, but it was pretty cool to know that he wanted me on his team.”

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