If you're thinking of getting away for a few days, make it more than four -- that's because a new survey says it takes four days for you to stop thinking about work.

The study, commissioned by Apple Vacations, asked 2,000 American workers about their habits when they're away from the old grind. If it takes four days to forget about work, the survey reveals, on a week-long vacation, you're thinking about work 43% of the time.

Eight in ten say they have a problem leaving the office for vacation, meaning they "waste" their vacation days.

On a related note, 37% of those surveys said they felt guilty about leaving unfinished assignments at work while they were away; 26% said they feared taking time off would jeopardize their career.

Perhaps for these reasons, 43% of those surveyed copped to checking in with work on vacation, possibly to help put their minds at ease. "For some, checking in periodically to ensure things are running smoothly in their absence may actually aid in relaxation,” says Sandy Babin, Vice President of Marketing for Apple Vacations, in a statement.

Even if they do manage to leave their work lives behind, the survey says those surveyed admit to checking their social media accounts an average of nine times a day on vacation.

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