A Georgia high school teacher says she always reads the fine print on any document -- no matter how boring -- and now she's got $10,000 to show for it.

According to the Tampa Bay Times,  Donelan Andrews purchased a travel insurance policy, and buried on page seven of the 4,000 word document were details of a sweepstakes prize. The St. Petersburg-based company Squaremouth secretly launched the contest February 11, and it was so hush-hush that only six people in the company knew about it.

The rules were simple: The first person to read through the document and find instructions about emailing a particular address would win 10 grand.

That first person turned out to be Andrews, a self-described unapologetic "nerd" who buries similar bonuses within her exams, to not only boost students' grades, but to teach them the importance of reading the fine print. "I have to practice what I preach," she tells the paper.

Incidentally, if nobody had discovered that precious bit of prose after a year, the company said they would have donated the ten thousand bucks to charity.

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