One lucky winner could soon take home one of the largest jackpots in Mega Millions history.  There hasn't been a winner in more than two months, and the jackpot now stands at $502 million -- and counting.

So what should you do if you're the lucky winner?  Other than celebrate?

Stay anonymous, says financial adviser and CPA Kurt Panouses, who helped a Florida couple that won a portion of the largest jackpot ever.

Most important?  Protect the ticket, Panouses told ABC News. "Keep it safe, put it in a safe place, but do not sign the back of the ticket."

Why not?  "Whoever signs the back of the ticket is the individual that has to claim the ticket and the proceeds," Panouses explained.

Panouses also suggested making a copy of the ticket and getting a tax professional and an attorney to help manage the funds and offer investment advice.

So what about playing?  Experts suggest using the full range of numbers available, instead of limiting your chances by playing numbers like birthdays.  Remember, months have no more than 31 days, while Powerball numbers go up to 69.

The next Mega Millions drawing will take place Friday at 8:59 p.m. ET. The cash payout option is $301 million.Good Luck!

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