Ever drive down a road at night and have the sense of loneliness? Even when I commute to work early in the morning I do in fact drive down some pretty dark roads that sometimes give me the creeps depending on what I pass by.

We've all heard of stories of roads having some unexplained paranormal activity time to time. But, what if I told you there's one road in Massachusetts that can legit give you nightmares?

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What is the most haunted road in Massachusetts?

According to onlyinyourstate.com Dudley Road, located in the Suburbs of Boston in Newtown, Massachusetts is a haunted road that’ll certainly give you that feeling in spades.


The haunting of Dudley Road began in an unlikely place at a local nunnery according to local legends. The story goes that sometime in the early 19th century, several nuns from the nearby Daughters of St. Paul convent were discovered to be practicing witchcraft. In the end, these unfortunate women were condemned to hang without a trial.

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Peter Roome / Flickr
Peter Roome / Flickr

Rumor has it, once the women discovered that they were going to be condemned to death, some of them fled from the convent and ran across a field near present-day Dudley Road. The nuns were eventually captured and hanged in that field. One story states that in the 1950s, a young nun got lost while making her way back to the convent and was struck by a car on Dudley Road, and some claim that her spirit has been seen standing on the side of the road.

The legends go on to say that a nearby house was the place where the nuns would practice their magic. The house to this day is still standing, even though it has sunk into the ground up to the second-story windows. Reports claim that voices and strange odors emanate from this building at night.

Baac3nes / Moment via Getty Images
Baac3nes / Moment via Getty Images

Of course, it’s easy to let your imagination get the best of you when you’re driving down a spooky road in the middle of the night, but Drivers on Dudley Road have reported everything from strange lights in the surrounding fields, the sound of screams in the distance, and even full-body apparitions that walk across the road ahead of the vehicle.

Are you brave enough to take a trip down Dudley Road? Click on this sentence for some directions so you can drive there at your own risk! 

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