During the summer, it always feels good to carry less weight on your shoulders especially when it's hot out and could make you sweat. When I talk about hot, I'm talking about being inside a hot car that's usually 20 degrees hotter than outside. Yeah, you could crank the A.C. or roll the windows down (yes, I said roll, I love my generation as I don't mean to brag. LOL)

Sometimes, it just feels great to cold down in the comfort of your car and not have to worrying about sweating your rear-end off.

So, can you legally drive with no shirt on in Massachusetts?

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The simplest way to put it, yes you can legally drive with no shirt on in the commonwealth of Massachusetts! According to lawstuffexplained.com, Massachusetts has no laws regarding shirtless driving and only has laws for indecent exposure such as genitalia and nothing for upper body (like breasts).

However, the state does have laws that prohibit disorderly conduct, and lewd conduct. So, let's say you're causing disturbance while being shirtless in a car (depending upon who you are, what you are doing, and who can see you) it could still result in a traffic stop from a police officer and you could face criminal charges.

What if no one can see inside my vehicle?

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Tinted windows and night driving will likely make people not see you. So, no consequences or repercussions will happen as a result. While it may be legal, driving with a shirt on does has its benefits. For example, it can protect or lessen the damage to vulnerable skin and body parts from glass cuts, abrasions, or scrapes.

It would also give emergency responders something to grab or hold onto, in the event that you the driver needed to be pulled from the vehicle. But mainly, shirtless driving is your discretion and must do so at your own risk.

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