They are doing the great work of their lives at the epicenter of the county's coronavirus pandemic.

Doctors and nurses on the front lines at Berkshire Medical Center spoke to The Eagle on Thursday about what they see and feel daily, both at work and at home.

They are not only caregivers; they are the only connection to patients isolated from family and friends by disease.

They worry about getting sick, about their families and friends getting sick. Some have friends who are ill or have died. But, they say the worry quickly transmutes into energy and love.

Their days are more grueling than ever. They wash their hands six or more times when they take off their masks, shields, gowns and gloves. The protection makes it hard to hear and is a barrier to connecting with patients.

Read the rest of this story about our front-line local heroes on The Berkshire Eagle  now.. and thank God they are who they are! I know I am.

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