The next time you drive by a house around the beautiful Berkshires and a red porch light is illuminated, there is a reason why this practice is being implemented for the month of March. This stands as a beacon to raise awareness to women's heart heath issues as this major health setback warrants worldwide attention.

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According to reports from The Elizabeth Anne and Karen Barlow Corrigan Women's Heart Health Program based in Boston, statistics are alarming regarding cardiovascular disease among female patients as they are prone to experience these health related matters in a much different way than men.

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The American Heart Association recommends that women should watch for red flag type symptoms and if any of these are experienced, it is mandatory to check with your primary care physician OR call 9-1-1 immediately to seek immediate care. Here in Berkshire county, Berkshire Medical Center in Pittsfield and Fairview Hospital in Great Barrington has the proper facilities to accommodate those with heart related issues. Here are some of the warning signs that require immediate attention:

Shortness Of Breath

Nausea and or constant vomiting

Pain and discomfort on the arms, back, stomach OR jaw pain

Light headedness accompanied by breaking out in a cold sweat

If you feel discomfort with a recurring chest pain for a number of minutes, it is mandatory to get yourself examined as this sign proves to be the main component of heart failure. 

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For more details on how you can lead a healthy lifestyle during March's Women's Heart Health Month, click on this link for a series of easy steps to keep yourself proactive and one step ahead to combat any further complications. Another symbolic showing to support the cause is to wear red attire which focuses attention to this serious matter. Learn more by logging on here.

Show your support by implementing these practices from now until March 31st and most of all, take care of the ol' ticker as it serves as your key component in functioning on a daily basis in life.

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