Recreational marijuana retailers will be welcome in the hill town of Florida known for its turnips.

The Berkshire Eagle reports town voters adopted a temporary moratorium on recreational marijuana businesses at Friday's annual town meeting, but stopped short of adopting a proposed permanent ban.

Had a ban passed at the annual town meeting, it still would have required approval in a townwide vote at the 2019 annual town election to take effect.

The outright ban required a two-thirds majority to pass but only received about 50 percent support of those present, according to town officials.

The town currently does not have any zoning bylaws that address recreational marijuana businesses, which are slated to begin receiving licenses to operate from the Cannabis Control Commission next month.

The moratorium will buy the town time to revise its zoning bylaws. It's set to expire on June 30, 2019, or earlier if the town adopts relevant bylaws ahead of schedule.


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