It goes without saying that all of us would like to have a happy and safe holiday season. So, as we enter this holiday season, a state campaign is looking to make sure that we all do.

The state's Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission has kicked off its "Operation Safe Holidays" which will focus on preventing impaired driving in Massachusetts during the holiday stretch of Thanksgiving through New Year's Eve. The commission will be conducting alcohol enforcement operations at bars in major Massachusetts cities during this time period.

State Treasurer Deborah Goldberg oversees the ABCC...

We want to ensure that the holiday season is enjoyed by everyone, and to do so people need to celebrate in a responsible way... Strong enforcement and helping to deter bar owners from over-serving can prevent tragedies before they happen and help to keep the public safe.

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Working with local police...

According to a media release from State Treasurer Goldberg, the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission is working with local police departments to identify high-risk locations in their communities.

The statistics are staggering and speak for themselves...

Alcohol is involved in 40 percent of traffic crash fatalities resulting in 17,013 fatalities and injuring an estimated 275,000 people annually. Data indicates that well over 50% of impaired driving arrests originate at bars.

Choose a designated driver...

There is an important part of safety during the holidays that the release from the State Treasurers Office does not mention particularly, and that is that choosing a designated driver is really one of the very most important steps that anyone who plans on consuming alcoholic beverages can do this holiday season.

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