Massachusetts residents are no strangers to some pretty wacky laws. As one of the oldest states in the country, the Bay State has some pretty old laws still on the books today. There are laws about everything from facial hair to how you are allowed to sing the national anthem that stems from historical statutes that were simply never changed.

On top of old and wacky statewide laws, there are also some unique town and city ordinances that in 2022 make us think, what the heck? Like why are men not allowed to have goatees in certain towns? Or why is it illegal to eat peanuts in church?

So why are these old laws still on record? Well, that's hard to say. Every state actually has an official whose job it is to edit and update antiquated laws, but according to  only Connecticut, Louisiana, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Washington have a full law review commission. Since Massachusetts does not have one, it makes sense that a lot of laws are still ancient.

In Salem, Massachusetts, It Is Illegal for Married Couples to Sleep Nude in a Rented Room.

Yup, we can make this stuff up. In the famed town that hosted the Salem Witch Trials, it is also against town law for married adults to sleep naked if they are renting the room they're sleeping in. So if you're planning on a hotel stay or renting an Airbnb in the historic Massachusetts town, you better bring your PJs.


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