Massachusetts is notorious for having a lot of laws, rules, and regulations. Some may seem excessive, annoying, and inconvenient but most laws in Massachusetts are there to protect its residents, especially when it comes to driving.

You might think that Massachusetts laws are outrageous compared to the rest of the country, but according to Oregon and Alaska actually have the strictest driving laws in the country based on the company's analysis of drunk driving, seatbelt, and speeding laws. Fines and punishments are higher in those two states than in any other, including Massachusetts.

So we know the basics, laws about speeding, texting and driving drunk driving, proper registering of vehicles, and all that jazz, but what about applying make-up while driving? At least a handful of times I've been in traffic and seen someone basically driving with their knee trying to put on make-up. Listen, I get it, everyone is busy and any way to save time helps, but at what cost? Not only would I imagine it's pretty difficult to drive that way but aren't you worried about stabbing yourself in the eye? However, you can't argue with the natural light in the car, it's the best.

So besides being dangerous, can driving while applying make-up in Massachusetts get you pulled over, or even worse, earn you a ticket?

According to PD online insurance agency, there is no specific law against it, but it doesn't fall under the umbrella of distracted driving.

Simply put, there are no laws around makeup specifically. But if the act of you putting on your makeup while driving causes you to have an accident or endanger the safety of others, you can be charged claims that applying makeup while driving is statistically more likely to cause an accident than talking on a cell phone. In fact, they cited one Nevada driver who on April 1st, was stopped by Nevada Highway Patrol because she was putting on makeup while stopped at a red light. Initially, the driver thought it was an April Fool's Day prank, however, she was being pulled over for distracted driving and was handed a $200 ticket.

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