I remember when there was no such thing as GPS units. Looking back, those days felt like the dark ages. You either had to rely on traditional road maps or print out directions via MapQuest. I remember the first time I used a GPS unit. I actually borrowed it from a co-worker. I was amazed at how easy and reliable the unit was. I could go anywhere and the unit wouldn't fail me. I bought one right away after I returned the borrowed unit and I'm still using my original GPS to this day which means I've been using the same unit for about 15 years give or take. It performs like a champ.

My GPS unit definitely comes in handy. Even to this day, I don't take for granted the usefulness of GPS technology. Whether I'm driving the Mass Pike, or going on vacation, it's great to have that Linus blanket. Even places in the Berkshires that I've never been to, I'll enter the address in my trusty Garmin GPS and tada, I'm good to go.

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One thing I had always wondered especially now since hanging your mask from the rearview mirror is a hazard and can pose legal issues for Massachusetts drivers; is if mounting a GPS unit via the windshield suction cup method is illegal in Massachusetts.

According to multiple online sources, to my surprise, it is legal to use the suction cup/windshield method in Massachusetts. So, if you're using a suction cup mount for GPS travel make sure that whichever state you're in at the time, the method is legal. In Massachusetts, you're all set but keep in mind, you may want to use an alternate method no matter what state you're traveling in as the suction cup mount could block your visibility.

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