Is it just me, or has the weather been just pure awesome lately? Anyways, not trying to get off topic. Tuesday night I was hanging out at my girlfriend's house eating dinner in her dining room. Now remind you, she has a huge glass door overlooking where our cars are parked. Due to driveway limitations, we have no choice but to park on the side street.

So, I stepped outside for a few and there was decent wind gust that was blowing me around on the porch. I'm looking at the cars which by the way are parked right next to a utility pole. All I see are the wires shaking from the wind and just out of the blue I'm thinking, what would happen if that pole fell down on one of the cars? Who is really responsible for the damages?

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Ryan Pause
Ryan Pause

While I couldn't find an exact answer on who and what is responsible. But I did find debates from other sources that state it mainly depends on your insurance policy on what you have for coverage. However, if a Utility Pole was deemed to be unsafe from the get-go, you may actually have a case against the town or city you in.

Remember in 2020 when multiple utility poles fell on top of cars in Cambridge? That story you can find here. Finding an answer, I'll leave it up to you to decide on who may be responsible for any damages to your vehicle from a Telephone Pole toppling over it.


Is it up to your car insurance company or is it up to the city or town you live in? Even better, is it up to the utility company who maintains the pole? Submit you answer just by messaging us on our station app. 

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