There is certainly no shortage of “cheap eats” restaurants in the Berkshires.  Focusing on Pittsfield today, according to here is the list of the Top 10 “Cheap Eats” in Pittsfield.

This list is formulated by and does not necessarily reflect the taste buds of this publisher or this station.  We’ll start with #10 and work our way down to #1 “Best Eats” in Pittsfield according to

#10 The Soda Chef – Located at 161 North St in Pittsfield and open from 7am to 2pm.

attachment-10 - soda chef

Tripadvisor Soda Chef Review… “More than you pay for

“If you are a tourist, and want to pick one place to give you a good memory of when you were in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, definitely choose the Soda Chef. Its one of the longest-running businesses downtown, and probably THE longest running breakfast joint. Sitting here is a treat and experience in itself. They give you such delicious, warm food and a warm, cozy atmosphere. It's like going back in time, prices included (it also happens to be the lowest cost breakfast you may find ever - AMAZING value)”

#9 The Lantern – located at 455 North Street in Pittsfield and open Tuesday – Saturday from 12pm to 8:30.

attachment-9 - the lantern

Tripadvisor The Lantern Review – “A real nugget

“This tavern has great atmosphere with jazz music recorded for background listening. The hamburger was one of the best I've eaten. The service is great. It has a full bar. Located near Berkshire theater company productions. Very convenient”.

#8 Freddie’s Place – located at 117 Fenn Street in Pittsfield and open for breakfast and lunch, closed Tuesdays.

attachment-8 - freddie's place

Tripadvisor Freddie’s Place Review - “We love Freddie's Place

“My wife and enjoy Freddie's Place, especially breakfast. His home cooked meals are filling and well worth the money. Freddie's breakfast keeps us going all day”!

#7 East Side Café – located 378 Newell Street in Pittsfield and open Friday-Sunday.

attachment-7 - east side cafe

Tripadvisor Freddie’s Place Review “GREAT

“I don't live in Pittsfield any more for over 30 years. Have been going to the East Side for over 55 years. Every time I go home to visit, I always stop by the East Side. The pizza is the BEST”!!!!!

#6 Pizza House – located at 692 Tyler Street in Pittsfield and open from 10am to 9pm.

attachment-6 - pizza house

Tripadvisor Tyler Street Pizza House Review – “Takeout

“One of the most underrated takeout spots in Pittsfield called in grabbed a chicken salvaki with Greek salad and fries and it did not disappoint also grabbed a chicken sandwich which was terrific.”

#5 Teo’s Hotdogs Restaurant - located at 1410 East Street in Pittsfield and open 10am-10pm.

attachment-5 - teo's hotdogs

Tripadvisor Teo’s Hotdogs Restaurant Review – “Tasty and unique

“Teo's is a must-stop if you're in Pittsfield. The hotdogs are beef and have that crunch when you bite into them and are covered with good chili and onions. Definitely worth a stop!”

#4 New Asian Garden – located at 1-3 Newell Street in Pittsfield, open Tuesday – Sunday 11am to 9pm.

attachment-#4 new asian garden

Tripadvisor New Asian Garden Review – “Best in Pittsfield

“Food was excellent hot and sour soup was top notch!!Would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for reasonably priced high quality Chinese takeout.”

#3 The Hot Dog Ranch – located at 114 West Housatonic Street in Pittsfield, opens at 11am.

attachment-#3 hot dog ranch

Tripadvisor Hot Dog Ranch Review – “Famous place for years

“Just a nice place that is famous for years for their mini hot dogs. We are from PA and told to go there for the Mina hot dogs which we were not disappointed. My husband got three with everything and I got two the way I like hot dogs. Wine was good and beer selection good. Ice bar, orders to go for dinners etc. we went for the hot dogs so did not have dinner. Separate area to eat other than bar area. Service excellent and fast. Local place and just a fun place.”
#2 Otto’s – located at 95 East Street in Pittsfield and open Wednesday – Sunday from 8am to 2pm.

attachment-#2 otto's

Tripadvisor Otto’s Review – “Wonderful eatery in downtown

Wonderful eatery in downtown Pittsfield. Generous portions and hearty coffee. I had the late-night special with goat cheese added to my scrambled eggs. Creamy and yummy. I’m a stickler about corned beef hash. Otto’s is homemade with extra seasoning. Their hash was moist with crispy edges and not too salty. Very good. Our server Shelly was friendly.

#1 Flo’s Dinner – located at 1245 W Housatonic Street in Pittsfield and open Tuesday – Sunday from 7am to 2:20pm.

attachment-#1 flo's diner

Tripadvisor Flo’s Diner Review – “Best Hidden Gem

“This pleasant family-owned diner will shot you back to the 60’s. Their oldies music joins the family caring and love they put into their service and food. I’m sure that it makes Grandma Flo proud. The burger appeared to be handmade, cooked perfectly as requested and the onion rings were fabulous and crunchy.”

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