When he arrived home on the night of Feb. 9, 2016, Robert Santiago noticed the hood of his neighbor's car seemed misaligned.

The Berkshire Eagle reports, taking the stand Friday in the hit-and-run trial of Sally Gould, Santiago also said the car was pulled in headfirst, which would have put the passenger side facing away from Santiago's vehicle in the Williamstown driveway they shared. , he said Gould normally backed her car into the driveway.

The next day, Santiago said, he took a closer look at the car and saw that the front end of the passenger side appeared damaged.

Gould is accused of running down a pedestrian on nearby North Hoosac Road that night and leaving the scene.

Prosecutors allege that Gould knew she had struck the woman, but failed to stop or report the collision and conspired with her husband, John, to cover up the accident. The victim, Cheryl J. LeClaire, then 54, suffered severe head trauma and remains comatose.

Gail Cary, one of Sally Gould's co-workers at the Northern Berkshire YMCA in North Adams, testified that Gould asked her Feb. 16 if anyone had reported hitting her car, which she said had apparently been damaged while it was parked there.

Cary said Gould had parked her vehicle that day in a spot different from the one she normally used.

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