Home improvement issues, whether they be picking out new furniture, paint color, or how much to spend getting those particulars ironed out are a major cause of couples' discord, according to a new survey.

In fact, according to a survey of 2,000 Americans commissioned by the furniture company Article, couples fight an average of 72 times a year about home improvement issues.

That's right: couples fight seven times a month, on average, over how many throw pillows are enough, or whether that light up beer sign that looked so sweet in your bachelor pad should still decorate your living room.

Three in ten couples say budgeting for those improvements were the most common reasons they butted heads; one in five admitted what gadgets they should buy, or what styles of furniture they wanted, were the cause of the static.

Around 20% fought over paint and color schemes, the survey revealed.

Speaking of furniture, the poll revealed couples spent an average of 216 hours throughout their lives picking out furniture. Fifteen percent admitted to fully avoiding the furniture store altogether.

And regarding home decor, nearly 60% of those polled said they had to keep their opinions to themselves to keep the peace.

Sound familiar?

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