As you probably gathered there is not much in the way of hard news today. So let's have some fun with how to win at breaking the the Thanksgiving wishbone .

Some engineering students at the University of Michigan figured out how to essentially guarantee that you win the wishbone breaking war at Thanksgiving.  Here are their five tips . . .

Make sure it's dry.  A fresh wishbone won't break, it'll bend.  So you have to dry it out either by letting it sit out for a few days, or sticking it in the oven.

Grab it with your dominant hand.  Your hands should be completely dry too, so that means licking the gravy off them first.

Grab the side that looks thicker.  Where and how you grab the wishbone makes all the difference.  And getting the side that's thicker will give you an advantage.

Grab as close to the base of the V as possible.  This is called "choking up" and it involves grabbing the wishbone between your thumb and index finger as close to the base of the V as possible.  But some people might consider that cheating so . . .

Make your opponent do all the work.  The best tactic to win is to just remain still and let the other person pull.  More than likely, they'll pull up and out, and the more their side moves, the more stress and points of weakness it creates on the bone.

HeraldNet /YouTube

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