With the start of spring bugs and pests seem to come out of the woodwork, literality and figuratively.  Nature comes alive in the spring.  As the grass begins to turn green and daffodils spout up nature comes alive and with it all sorts of bugs and other pets.

I recently had a casual conversation with Marcus from PestOff Pest Control of Berkshire County.  He said that soon everything from spiders, to stink bugs, mosquitos, ticks, and carpenter ants will rear their ugly heads.  To minimize the onslaught of pests Markus suggests treating the outside of your home with an insecticide, especially around your home’s foundation, windows, and shutters.

Wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets love to set up camp in shutters and underneath patio decks.  If you treat these areas early you should not have any issues through the summer.  Markus warns of scams offing a very high price that covers your property for a year by commercial pest control companies.  According to Markus once the exterior of your home is treated once properly, you’re done.  Don’t pay a premium for a year-long treatment, you won’t need it.

Markus said if you are going to treat the outside trouble spots of your home the best time to apply the insecticide is early to mid-April.  He said treating the outside of your home with insecticide will not harm your pets.  He said the products dry very quickly and once dry they are not harmful.

Unlike the pest treatment for the nooks and crannies around your home’s exterior, you will have to repeat treatment of your lawn to protect from misquotes and ticks regularly. To cut down on ticks and mosquitos the best place to focus treatment is where the taller grass meets the shorter grass.  For best results that treatment should be applied once a month.

When it comes to mice Marcus points out that if you have entry points into your home mice will always come and go.  In the winter they will just set up shop for longer periods of time.

Markus has been in business with PestOff Pest Control since 2013 and is excited about soon celebrating their 10-year protecting the inside and outside of Berkshires homes from pests.  Unfortunately, they can’t do anything about your unwanted friends and guests.  For a free inspection, you can reach out to Marcus at 413-347-0023 or click here for their website and more information.

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