This article is directed towards cigarette smokers through Massachusetts: Whatever happened to the days when you were able to light up at your favorite bar or dining establishment? There used to have been an ash tray at every table available. What about ash trays in your own vehicle? That seems to be a thing of the past. Bowlers can't take that all-important cigarette break in between rounds at their favorite alley. Most casinos are now smoke-free, if you can believe it as you have to go outside the establishment to get your fix. There are even restrictions where you can't even enjoy a smoke at the privacy of your own home as landlords have stated in rental agreements.

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The reality translates into the fact that smoking has become a cardinal sin in this "so-called" 21st century and for those who indulge in the habit, they are forced to go outdoors regardless of the weather. NOT fun during the wintertime for sure! However, that does not hold true for those who imbibe in alcoholic beverages as you are more prone to getting into a vehicular mishap (God forbid!) which is not the case if you smoke a cigarette, cigar or pipe while your car. Two words from those who light up: "Unfair and Unjust".

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It seems like the powers that be are forcing smokers to quit by constantly elevating their prices for a pack of cigarettes. In New York, the cost of a pack has risen as they added an extra $1 tax to consumers, which has deemed the highest across The United States. Meanwhile in the state of Massachusetts, you can't even get a free book of matches at most convenience stores when purchasing a pack as merchants want you to shell out a little extra to get a lighter. I am a passive smoker as my strategy is to stretch a pack for at least 4 days which has been successful (moderation is the key) as my costs to indulge are minimized in it's highest capacity. NO matches available! That's extreme if you ask me.

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My take on this is that YOU need to determine that quitting your smoking habit would result in a better lifestyle, but there are STILL those set in their ways that will continue to take their "necessary drags". Yes, there are options that you can explore if you are sick and tired of constantly going outdoors, especially during the cold winter months. Remember, you are being forced to light up outside. Even outdoors, you are being told there is no smoking allowed while taking a walk at your local park. Give me a break! What's next? Inquiring minds would like to know, including me.

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BOTTOM LINE: Smokers are definitely facing discrimination as the words "tobacco free" do not fare out well with those who light up. Politicians in the capital city's State House do NOT rule what you decide in life. Remember, you are not breaking the law, but it's possible you could face a hefty fine to conform. Unfortunately, there is no choice in the matter. It certainly isn't like the days in the good ol' 20th century which I sorely miss to this day.

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