Let’s play the “How Many Do You Think” game!  After looking up the local weather forecast for Pittsfield, I noticed there were a lot more than one.  I knew there we probably a few but “How Many Do You Think” were listed?

According to the geotarget.com website, there are 10 Pittsfield's in the U.S.  Of course, our beloved Pittsfield here in the Berkshires of Massachusetts is and will always be the #1 Pittsfield in our hearts, but in 9 other states, there are also people that call Pittsfield home.  Take a quick tour...

Pittsfield Maine sounds like a nice place.  With a population of about 4,230 the town’s website describes the central Maine town as a “family-friendly community.”

Pittsfield Illinois is the furthest west of the Berkshires ironically located just over an hour from Springfield...Illinois.  The population of this small Pittsfield is 4,254, only 24 residents more than their Maine namesake.   According to the town website, Abe Lincoln had many friends and spent a lot of time in Pittsfield in the 1830s.

Pittsfield Michigan is not a city or a town but a Township.  A township is described as a kind of human settlement or administrative subdivision that spreads across a number of counties.  According to Wikipedia, the population is just over 42,000.

Pittsfield New Hampshire is just a state away and located northeast of Concord.  The population like a number of other Pittsfield’s that we’ve discovered is just over 4,000.  The slogan posted on the town’s website is “The Gem of the Suncook Valley.”

Pittsfield, New York is the closest other Pittsfield to the Berkshires.  It’s about a 2 ½ hour drive west near the southern tip of the Mohawk Valley Region according to the town website.  You might even have more Facebook friends than this Pittsfield has residents.  According to the latest census, the population was 1,300.

Pittsfield Ohio is another Township.  The population was 1,635 in 2018 according to the Township’s website.  It might not be the perfect vacation destination unless you really need a permanent rest.  On the Townships' website, the first notable highlight is the two cemeteries then followed by the recreational park.

Pittsfield Pennsylvania is another Township.  It is located in Warren County.  With a population of 1,313.  There is very little information outside of census data that I won’t bore you with.  Unless of course if you find yourself in this Township reading the census might just be the only thing to do.

Pittsfield Vermont is the Pittsfield out of all the others that I would like to visit.  When the dog license tab is the first thing you see when you visit the town’s website it's my kind of place.  The population is just over 500 residents and I bet most of them know each other and all have interesting stories to tell.  This beautiful town located in central Vermont is home to the annual Snowshoe Race.  Who wouldn’t want to visit this quaint New England Pittsfield?

Pittsfield Wisconsin finishes off our tour of Pittsfield's USA.  To say this town is in the heart of Cheese-Head country is an understatement.  According to the town website, the town offers a rural lifestyle while just 15 minutes from Green Bay.  It is a town that is “Remembering our Heritage Planning for Tomorrow.”

I hope you’ve enjoyed our country tour of Pittsfield’s across the country.

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