Just asking...how hot does it have to get before you say screw the environment and your electric bill, and just start pumping the A/C?  According to a new survey, not very hot.  And some of us do it even when the weather's pretty much perfect.

40% of people said they start using their A/C before it hits 80 outside . . . including 3% who do it when it's less than 67 degrees out.  And young people are about four times more likely than older people to crank the A/C when the temperature's in the mid-60s.

Another 17% of people overall said it has to be in the low 80s before they'll turn their A/C on . . . 15% said 83 to 86 . . . 10% said 87 to 90 degrees . . . and 7% said hotter than that.  Only 1% wait until it's over 100 degrees out.


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