By now, you probably know the story behind the Houghton Mansion in North Adams (if not, see video below). There have been a number of paranormal groups in and out of the doors of the building to try to catch and record glimpses of ghostly figures as well as voices of those once living. As a kid who grew up in North Adams, I had friends who had relations to Houghton Mansion as their parents were masons and as many know Houghton Mansion housed a Masonic Temple.

I Don't Remember a Big Scare Factor of Houghton Mansion Back in Those Days

I was aware that Houghton Mansion could be haunted but it didn't seem as widely known back in those days. This could be because there weren't as many television and news shows covering the property. Houghton Mansion seemed less glamorized back then and was known primarily to local/Berkshire County residents. I could be wrong but that was my impression anyway. The other reason could be because the masons and our parents didn't want to scare us, especially when we would be at the location for events like talent shows and Halloween haunted house events for families and kids.

Speaking of Halloween Events at Houghton Mansion

I can say, the few times I was in Houghton Mansion I never saw a spirit or heard any voices. This could be because I was around a big group of people with music playing and lights on...probably not an ideal situation to see ghosts. When I was a teenager I was invited to participate in a Halloween haunted house event at Houghton Mansion. I used to dress up as Michael Myers and walk around my neighborhood. I even did this at my high school around Halloween time (you could get away with that in those days). I had fun walking around in the costume. Needless to say, this was an interesting hobby but at least I had some other hobbies that were more normal. (see a video of Michael Myers jamming out on the drums below)

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Knowing my love for the 'Halloween' movies and Michael Myers character, I was a perfect fit for the Halloween event at Houghton Mansion. The organizers of the event stuck me in a long hallway, with strobe lights flashing and spooky music cranking. I did my fair share of scaring families and kids. I was doing my job and it was a lot of fun. I didn't see any ghosts that night but that's probably because they were scared to come near I was haunting the haunters that night. What are some of your Houghton Mansion memories?

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