If you've already finished decorating your house for the holidays, then you are probably well aware of this, Berkshire County friends and neighbors. If you haven't finished (or even started) your holiday decorating yet, GOOD LUCK!

Either way, you may want to ask Santa Claus for some much-needed long green this Christmas! Trust me, you're gonna need that money to help cover the expense of his visit on Christmas Eve night.

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LawnStarter, the experts at connecting you with local lawn care pros, recently came up with their "Santa Is Coming" Cost Index. To come up with the results, LawnStarter looked at 13 different tasks along with cost estimates for each task.

Tasks included everything from having your roof fixed, having your chimney swept, Christmas lights (including installation), buying a REAL Christmas tree, food costs (milk, cookies, carrots for the reindeer--can't forget the reindeer), and much more.

Are you ready for this? The average overall cost of making sure your house is Santa-ready is in the neighborhood of $3,000. The actual number is $2,779.21. Even if you don't need your roof fixed or your gutters cleaned, you're still looking at a pretty expensive visit.

However, by comparison, that's still nowhere near the cost of what you would have to spend if you bought every item mentioned in the "12 Days of Christmas" song. Heck, $2,779.21 wouldn't even cover the 10 lords-a-leaping which would set you back $14,539 this year! That's a little ridiculous, right?

Anyway, visit LawnStarter's website here for the full breakdown of items, estimated costs, and more. Happy Holidays!

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