iBerkshires.com  reports Housing Opportunities Inc. voted last week to transfer the deed of Sun Cleaners to the city and is in the final process of officially dissolving.
The Housing Authority Board of Commissioners, which also serves as the HOI board, met with attorney Elisabeth Goodman a week ago to go over some of the final steps the board must take to disband.
Housing Opportunities, a 30-year-old program created to help first-time homeowners, has been trying to dissolve for almost 10 years.
Almost two years ago, the Housing Authority Board transferred all assets to the city accept two: a house on Bracewell Avenue used as permanent supportive housing was given to Louison House, and Sun Cleaners, which the city was hesitant to take without environmental testing.
With 111 River St. still in limbo, HOI held on to its $271,363.93 check while environmental testing was conducted.
This testing was completed this year and a report this summer that stated some clean up was needed. The funds left from HOI's closed-out account will be able to cover the cleanup.
The board voted to authorize Hohn to transfer the property to the city.
Goodman said the mayor has reviewed the report and indicated that the city was ready to accept the property.
"The city did not give any comments on it so I assume they are ready to accept it," she said. "They verbally said it is fine so I think they are fine."
Hohn did invite a representative from the city to attend the meeting to officially hand over the check but no one attended the meeting. She said she would hand-deliver the check later in the week.
Goodman said there is still some work to do and the Housing authority must still close out some accounting paperwork and file a petition to dissolve with the Attorney General.

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