Massachusetts has quite the list of celebrities that our great state home. Many who grew up in the Bay State and made it big, still have homes and family here and love to come back and visit.

Celebrity sightings in the Boston area aren't completely surprising, but it's not exactly Los Angeles. You might expect to spot one in Boston proper, maybe at a Red Sox or Celtics game, or at an exclusive restaurant in the North End, but where you don't expect to see an A-List celeb is, the mall!

"Regular' people barely even go to malls nowadays, let alone the Hollywood elite. The county as a whole only has about 1000 malls left in existence, and 25% of those are expected to close in the next three to five years, according to CNBC.

But one of the funniest guys in show business, who was born and raised in Massachusetts was recently spotted taking in a day of shopping at a Boston area mall.

Steve Carell was recently spotted at a shopping mall in Newton, Massachusetts

Carell, who was born in Concord and raised in Acton, has starred in some of the funniest films of this generation including 40-Year-Old Virgin, Dinner for Schmucks, Anchorman, Little Miss Sunshine and so many more.

Carell and his wife, who is also from Massachusetts, purchased a summer home in the Marshfield Hills area, where they visit frequently vacation and stay when they visit their daughter who attends Northeastern University.

Somehow it doesn't surprise me that Steve Carell is still a mall shopper. Check out the photos and Tweet from Boston 25 News.


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