I can't help it, when I'm driving, I notice stuff, and when I can't figure out what I'm looking at, I get upset.

I remember as a child asking my mother what "PED XING" meant, obviously "PED" means pedestrian and "X" means "crossing", but I didn't know it at the time!

Then, randomly, I used to see the following signs from time to time and THAT would really throw me for a loop.  😂😂

Have You Ever Seen Signs That Look Like This Before?

ATL Film Facebook
ATL FTPC Facebook
ATL FPTC Facebbook
ATL FPTC Facebook

I mean, whoever designed these signs obviously is trying to be discreet about something. Sort of like, if you know, you know.

So, Why Would Someone Display A Sign In Public, But Not Make It For Public Knowledge?

Film crews! Movie making!

Yes, although seeing Ben Affleck or Robert DeNiro is amazing for most people, I don't think it's best to let EVERYBODY know exactly where they are or, at the very least, where they are filming.

So, secret codes and words on funky signs is the standard way to let only the important people know where the action is.

Just ask the crew at the Medford, MA Dunkin' about the Big Game commercial!

The now-standard look of this 18-by-24-inch yellow sign evolved to help industry workers get to filming locations, with titles simultaneously intended to mislead anyone not in the know. -99percentinvisible.org

I remember seeing those signs in my hometown of Lynn circa 2009 when Ben Affleck was filming "The Company Men".

Gannon Golf Club Facebook
Gannon Golf Club Facebook

They're not ALWAYS mysterious, however, when the Alec Baldwin "Rust" shooting death story came out, the sign literally said, "RUST" on a black and yellow background.

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