It's a new month, hopefully, we won't see more rain in August, and here is a plus for sure the kids are getting ready to back to school which I am sure will have some parents doing cartwheels for a lot of your kids.

There are some things that we should be happy about coming up in August.

You will have all kinds of new tv shows to watch starting this month, Marvel's new animated series "What If" is available on August 11th on Disney+, the season 8 premiere of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" is August 12th on NBC, I am really looking forward to the tenth season of "American Horror Story" which comes back on August 25th on FX, and if you have never watched Archer, I call it adult cartooning, the premiere of "Archer: Season 12" is August 25th on FXX or the next day on Hulu.

There are all kinds of movies on the way and with the Delta Variant Virus I have a feeling more of the movies will be telecast like "The Suicide Squad" debuts on August 6th on HBO Max.

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"Free Guy" starring Ryan Reynolds opens nationwide August 13th, Jennifer Hudson plays Aretha Franklin in "Respect" also opening on August 13th. and Jordan Peele's, "Candyman" premieres on August 27th.

3. As for sports, The Olympics wrap up on August 8th in Tokyo, and the Yankees play the White Sox in MLB's "Field of Dreams" game, which takes place on August 12th in Dyersville, Iowa. NFL Football doesn't start till September but I bet your fantasy football draft is this month.

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