Apparently, the sign that you've been really successful in your career is the ability to stop doing what you're doing.

A new and interesting survey from Metro  asked people for the top signs that you've "made it."  And here are the top 10 . . .

1.  Being able to retire early.

2.  Not having to work.

3.  Owning a vacation home or second home.

4.  Having a private plane or at least being able to fly business class.

5.  Being able to spontaneously take a fancy vacation.

6.  Sending your kids to private school.

7.  Having a housekeeper.

8.  Eating at expensive restaurants.

9.  Having a platinum credit card.

10.  Having a wine cellar.

A few things that just missed the top 10 are:  Getting massages . . . owning a hot tub or large TV . . . having a personalized license plate . . . and having time to volunteer.

All I need is a wine cellar !




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