I'm sure you've been hearing this a lot on the radio and internet lately. "LEAVE THE FIREWORKS TO THE PREFESSIONALS!" And they're not wrong as fireworks are highly illegal in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts due to the dangers behind them. Hence why every year we always look forward to watching this spectacular fireworks display which are set off by Noel Field, but are visible from numerous locations throughout North Adams.

Where are the best locations to watch the fireworks?

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The First and best place to watch the fireworks in my opinion is if you attend the SteepleCats Baseball game at Joe Wolfe Field that way you have the best seat in the house when the show starts right after the game. Attending the game is highly recommended but for those who can't make it to game, there's many other great locations to view the awesome fireworks display.

By the way, keep scrolling for more event details.

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This location right on Curran Highway across the street from South Side Sales & Service is where I grew up watching the fireworks. While you can still view the fireworks with no obstruction, the traffic afterwards however can get pretty hectic. So, be prepared!

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Another great location from what people tell me is the American Legion Parking Lot over on American Legion Drive. This location I have yet to try so maybe I'll give it a shot this year!

Here's some more details on the Independence Day Events according to North Adams Tourism:

(Rain Date: Wednesday, July 5th)

Our Independence Day celebration draws thousands of viewers from the Capital region of New York State, Southern Vermont, and Berkshire County. For an evening of all-American fun, grab some tickets to the annual 4th of July SteepleCats game, and stick around for the fireworks, which start immediately afterward, at approximately 9:00 pm.
6:00 PM- SteepleCats vs. Sanford Mainers - Joe Wolfe Field
9:00 PM(approx.) - North Adams Annual 4th of July Fireworks Display! Fireworks are set off by Noel Field but are visible from numerous locations throughout North Adams.
2023 Firework Sponsors
Grand Finale Sponsors:
Roman Candle Sponsors:
West Oil
All-American Sponsors:
J.H. Maxymillian, Inc
Firecracker Sponsors:
Southside Sales
Cord Master Engineering
Demolino & Sons Inc
Becks Printing
Patriot Sponsors:
Oriental Buffet
Automan Sam
O'Connell Oil
NA Elks
Toyota K-M Motor Sales
Sheriff Thomas Bowler & The Berkshire County Sheriffs' Association - North Adams Tourism Facebook Page
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